Sunflowers & Mysterious Lady

Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday I bought to recompense myself for being at the dentist (I have panic thinking of going to any of their kind) I bought a hall stand and a cross stitch embroidery kit with sunflowers. I love sunflowers! Today I am starting stiching it.

I also started a new project. My first lace shawl for which I bought a darn thin yarn. The shawl is named LadyJane by Birgit Freyer. She is publishing once every week a part of the pattern and though I have already 5 parts I have no idea how it will look like at the end... So knitting and stitching week.

My sister asked me to make her some berrets for her shop. I have (felt) 1000 patterns for such hats, but didn't waste a single thought of knitting one yet... I hope she will come on weekend to decide with me which pattern(s) we will use and if we will modify them and how. I also need a set of double pointed needles in the right size.

So for now: drinking tea, knitting my mysterious lady and stitching my sunflowers.

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