New Socks for the Kid

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Today I finished Thien's first pair of socks and I really don't get why I never knitted him some much earlier!

Aren't these lovely? Thien himself loves them, wears them right now but wanted to conserve them - he actually didn't want to wear them outside.

Now I'm working on the miniature crowns for the brooches for my sister's shop. Am almost done with them. So I'm probably going on with the b'day shawl for my sister - today is her b'day, but since she stayed almost a week with me recently I couldn't go on knitting it :( and now I have to hurry to finish and post it.

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rajinder said...

i am rajinder...
your work very nice ...tell your sis belated happy birthday...
take good care!

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